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TOP 8 Romanian phrases when take a day tour from Bucharest

Updated: Dec 20, 2018


Maybe you think it would be nice to be answered back in your own language or at least in English when you arrive for the first time in Romania. And maybe it would be normal to do so if we, as Romanians, understand that this is the way if we want more tourists to come and visit us. We, the Romanian people, promise you that we will do our best to learn English as much as we can and not only English. But what do you think if you learn some useful Romanian phrases which can help you have a really great time in Romania. Here is the very first TOP 8 list of things you should know about Romania before coming here.

8 Romanian words or phrases that can help when you are on day tour from Bucharest

1. Bună dimineața / ziua / seara = Good morning / afternoon / evening

Phonetic transcription: 'bu.nə di.mi'ne̯a.t͡sa / 'zi.wa / 'se̯a.ra

2. Ce faci ? = How are you ?

Phonetic transcription: t͡ʃe 'fat͡ʃʲ ?

3. Mă numesc ... = My name is ...

Phonetic transcription: mə nu'mesk

4. Unde este toaleta / stația de metrou / hotelul ... ? = Where is the toilet / subway / hotel ...?

Phonetic transcription: 'unde 'jes.te to.a'le.ta / 'sta.t͡si.a de me.'trow / ho.'te.lul ?

5. Scuză-mă = Excuse me (informally)

Phonetic transcription: 'sku.zə.mə

6. Te rog = Please (informally)

Phonetic transcription: te 'rog

7. Mulțumesc = Thank you

Phonetic transcription: mul.t͡su'mesk

8. La revedere ! = Goodbye !

Phonetic transcription: la reve'dere


Tip:If you want to learn more Romanian phrases take an all inclusive day tour from Bucharest to Dracula's Castle. You'll learn how to say I love you or Leave me alone :)

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